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Technology tools to help us better serve our clients

We provide a full suite of integrated business tools and technology to support you and improve your financial experience.

<strong>eMoney Advisor</strong>

eMoney Advisor

eMoney is one of the industry's leading financial planning software that gives our clients a real-time view into their complete financial pictures. 

  • Gives you access to your own Client Portal where you can easily view your full financial picture and securely store important documents—all in one place. 
  • Connect accounts from thousands of financial institutions across the country, securely.
  • Comprehensive goals-based and cash flow planning tools that effortlessly handle complexity, ensuring we stay ahead of your evolving needs.
<strong>Asset Map</strong>

Asset Map

Asset-Map provides a comprehensive financial overview that helps empower you to make better decisions by getting on the same page - literally.

  • Visualize all the financial elements of a household on a single page/browser.
  • Receive simple, powerful needs-based analysis within minutes, so you can see  whether you are on-track to funding your most important goals: Loss of life, disability, long-term care, education, and retirement.
  • Get an understanding of your bottom line and what you need to do next, facilitated by a financial professional who knows what's important to you.
<strong>Microsoft Teams</strong>

Microsoft Teams

Our virtual meeting platform provides a first-class client experience from anywhere, at anytime. Whether it’s from your office, the comfort of your own home, or while you’re traveling, we give you the power and flexibility of having a full meeting experience on your computer, phone or tablet.

Mobile Apps

Equitable Mobile

Equitable Mobile

Insurance and Annuity Account management in one place.

  • Review activity and balances
  • Research and change investment options
  • Keep important information up to date
  • Schedule and make payments if one is due
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LPL Account View&#160;

LPL Account View 

A simple and convenient way to connect to your brokerage and advisory accounts, anytime, anywhere.  In Account View, you can find detailed information about:

  • Your investment portfolio account balances
  • Account performance
  • Financial goals
  • Elect paperless communications
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eMoney Mobile

eMoney Mobile

Your complete financial picture is in the palm of your hand, whenever you want, from wherever you are.

  • See all your accounts on one page
  • View Your updated Investments
  • Track Your Progress Toward Your Goals
  • Access Important Documents
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